Squeeze in a workout 24/7 with this bicycle desk that's on sale

May 4, 2018 0

You’ve probably heard recently that sitting is the new smoking. And since so many of us work in an office sitting at a desk all day, this news is pretty scary. One great solution is to invest in a standing desk. But what’s even better than a standing desk? A biking desk.
We’re already pretty big fans of the FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro, which is why we were pumped to learn that it’s on sale through May 9. 
The bike is adjustable to accommodate a range of heights and it lets you easily transition from standing to sitting to cycling almost seamlessly. It features eight different levels of resistance, so you can go on a casual pedal or crank out your leg workout while answering emails. It also features a set of wheels so you can bring it anywhere around the office.  Read more…More about Fitness, Standing Desk, Exercise Equipment, Mashable Shopping, and

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