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The innovation trends flipping the script on workplace health and safety

November 27, 2019 0

In the space of just 12 months, workplace injury and fatality rates in Australia dropped almost 20% between 2017 in 2018. And while this year is set to reveal an even lower number, we still have a ways to go to ensure the safety and security of workers throughout the country. Thankfully, a number of nifty and innovative tech solutions are making it easier than ever to ensure effective workplace health and safety solutions are accessible to everyone, each and every day.   Dress the partThe best defence is a good offence – or a good outfit in this instance. Not only does safety workwear serve as the first line of defence against injury and contamination on any job site, it helps ensure workers are comfortable and protected at the same time. Manufacturers of all types of work attire, from uniforms to accessories, are currently investing millions of dollars into researching

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