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'76 Days' puts you in the height of the pandemic in a Wuhan hospital

September 15, 2020 0

76 Days is a big story told in tiny moments. 
Its premise is obviously major: Two directors, Weixi Chen and an anonymous reporter, embedded themselves in hospitals in Wuhan and Shanghai at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, during the 76-day lockdown of Wuhan. (A third director, Hao Wu, stayed in New York to edit the film.)
But there’s no unified narrative or obvious lesson being served up here, no analysis of the virus’ origins, or the Chinese government’s reaction, or the global consequences that followed. Indeed, 76 Days often seems not to be making any point at all. Which maybe, in itself, is the point. The day-to-day ordeal faced by these patients and their doctors and nurses is what it is, and worth bearing witness to in and of itself. Read more…More about Tiff, Movie Review, Coronavirus, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows

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