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How to download and save Instagram videos

September 19, 2021 0

Instagram is famously the place to go to look at photos, get distracted by reels, and watch videos. If you want to see videos about food, travel, manifestation, or anything in between, Instagram is quickly becoming the place to look. But if you want to share that video beyond an Instagram DM or sending the link to a friend, it can be difficult. You can save the video, but that won’t actually save it to your phone or desktop — instead, it will add it to your saved post bookmarks, which makes it easier to find and watch it later on Instagram. Sometimes, though, you just want to have that video on your own device, and the app doesn’t make it particularly easy to download and save videos. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can do this without the innate help of Instagram.Before you decide to download a video,

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