I'm pretty sure Kevin Hart is messing with us in 'True Story' on Netflix

November 24, 2021 0

Kevin Hart is messing with us.That’s the only conclusion I can draw after watching True Story, the new Netflix limited series starring Hart and Wesley Snipes from Narcos writer Eric Newman. The seven-episode journey starts out on a meta note and then, quite insidiously, only gets to be more meta as the story plays out. Is this intentional? Is Hart somehow telling on himself?The meta-ness is in the details. Hart stars as the Kid, a Philadelphia-born blockbuster comedian who is big enough to sell out Philly’s Wells Fargo Center and be a returning Ellen guest. So far, so Hart: He’s got the same hometown and high profile, at the very least.The actor’s life diverges sharply from the character’s (we hope) when Kid wakes up one morning with a dead escort lying next to him in bed. His recently resurfaced brother Carlton (Snipes) arranged the encounter, and it’s Carlton, with his

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