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HustleGPT is a hilarious and scary AI experiment in capitalism

March 18, 2023 0

With 100 bucks and a simple prompt, GPT-4 is on a mission to automate hustle culture. Shortly after OpenAI launched GPT-4, a more advanced version of its generative AI model, brand designer and writer Jackson Greathouse Fall devised a plan and fed it into GPT-4:”You are HustleGPT, an entrepreneurial AI. I am your human counterpart. I can act as a liaison between you and the physical world. You have $100, and your only goal is to turn that into as much money as possible in the shortest time possible, without doing anything illegal. I will do everything you say and keep you updated on our current cash total. No manual labor.””Do you think it’ll be able to make smart investments and build an online business?” Hall tweeted. “Follow along.” Since his original tweet, which has 89,000 likes and counting, Hall’s project has the internet of the edge of its seat,

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